Hélène Greiner offers a rediscovery of the inter-war sculptures - with some major artists such as Bourdelle, Delamarre, Despiau, Gimond, Janniot, Letourneur, Malfray, Maillol, Poisson, Rivière, Osouf, Wlérick... Each one of those independant personnalities successfully managed to bring a new dimension to the art of sculpture which seemed to be somewhat stymied after the great loss of Rodin’s death, they reinvented and transfigured the inter-war sculpture. READ MORE

Among those leading figures stood artists such as Adam, Adam-Tessier, Bury, Cardenas, Curie, Couturier, Dodeigne, Etienne-Martin, Gilioli, Granet, Guzman, Hajdu, Letourneur, Lipsi, Mercier, Penalba, Philolaos, Poncet, Reinhoud, Richier, Stahly, Storel, Strebelle, Tarabella, Voisin, Waldberg, Zadkine, Zwobada

Being also profoundly attached to the diversity of the decorative arts, and to the integration of sculpture masterpieces in interiors, Hélène Greiner presents in both of her art galleries located on the left bank in Paris – 71 boulevard Raspail 75006 and 6 rue de Beaune 75007 – the most prestigious pieces of French, Belgian, Italian, or American designers from the 1950s to the 1970s (for instance, Ado Chale, Dresse, Marc d’Haenens, Armand Jonckers, Cecchi, Gabriella Crespi, Gio Ponti, Etore Sottsass, Paul Evans, Curtis Jere, Percival Lafer, Carlos Motta…), but also lightings (Fontana Arte, Angelo Lelli, Stilnovo…) and furnitures created by artists in limited editions (Fred Brouard, René Broissand, Parvine Curie, Philippe Jean, Claude Mercier, Victor Roman…).

Art jewelry also features prominently with artists such as Bury, Calder, Coulentianos, Curie, Demaret, Féraud, Hiquily, Mercier, Noll, Penalba, Takis

Last but not least, some major names of pictural movements are hanging on the gallery walls : geometric abstraction, lyrical abstraction, kinetic art (Atlan, Debré, Hartung, Manessier, Mathieu, Zack, Vasarely...)

Receiving sollicitations from the specialized press, international decorators, and numerous Museums, Hélène Greiner continues to respond wittily to one’s curiosity and to connoisseurs.

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